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General Characteristics (6)
1. all eukaryotic
2. many flagella or cilia
3. most are unicellular/ some are multicellular
4. most mitosis and meiosis
5. moist environments
6. aerobic
-one of two protista groups
- animal like
-grouped by how they moved & what they eat
Phylum Rhizopoda (ex; 5)
ex: ameoba
-smallest of protists
-all unicellular
-posses pseudopodia (false feet)
-reproduce asexually by binary fission
- feeding unique (on another flash card)
Feeding of Rhizopoda
1. extend pseudopodia to engulf food
2. form food vacuole
3. secrete digestive enzyme into vacuole to break down and digest food
4. nutrients are absorbed into cell body
Phylum Sporozod
ex: plasmodium (causes malaria) & toxoplasma (causes toxoplasmosis)
- all species of phylum are parasites
- no means of locomotion/feeding b/c rely on host
-example of?
causes malaria
example of phylum sprozod
- causes?
-carried by?
causes toxoplasmosis
carried by cats
-caused by?
intermediate host is femal anopheles mosquitoes
- caused by plasmodium
Phylum Zoomatigina (Zoomastigophora)
-example causes?
-carrier of example?
ex- trypanosoma- causes African sleeping disorder
- have flagella
-carrier is tse-tse fly
Phylum Ciliophora (Cillates)
ex- stentor, paramecium
-have cilia
- have 2 types of nuclei
-in phylum?
big single nucleus
-function in dailiy processes and binary fission
-1 of 2 nuclei of phylum ciliophora
-in phylum?
-one or more small nuclei
-function in conjugation
-1 of 2 nuclei of phylum ciliophora
causes African sleeping disorder
-tse-tse fly is carrier
-in phylum zoomatigina
not one
not answer
not one
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