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Budget Surplus
the difference between tax revenue and governemnt spending when tax revenue exceeds governemnt spending
Budget Deficit
the difference between tax revenue and government spending when governemnt spending exceeds tax revenue
Budget Balance
the difference between tax revenue and government spending
National Savings
the sum of private savings and the budget balance is the toal amount of savings generated within the economy
Capital Inflow
net inflow of funds into a country
Loanable Funds Market
a hypothetical market that examines the market outcome of the demand for funds generated by borrowers and the supply of funds provided by lenders
Interest Rate
the price, calculated as a percentage of the amount borrowed, charged by the lender to a borrower for the use of their savings for one year
Rate of Return
the profit earned on the project expressed as a percentage of its cost
Crowding Out
the negative effect of budget deficits on private investments