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Commercial Bank
A bank that offers a full range of services.
Savings & Loan Association
A financial institution that specializes in savings accounts and making loans for buying homes.
Mutual Savings Banks
A bank owned by the depositors that handles saving accounts, makes home loans and distributes the profits to the depositors.
Credit Unions
A not-for-profit financial institution formed by people who have like or similar occupations or live in the same community.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
A federal agency that protects depositors money in case of the failure of a bank.
Federal Reserve System
A nationwide banking plan set up by our federal government to supervise and regulate member banks. (A bank's bank)
An amount paid for the use of money.
Trust Companies
Financial institutions that specialize in managing the money and property of others.
Electronic Funds Tranfer
A system through which funds are moved electronically from one account to another and from one bank to another.
Savings that are put to work to earn more money.