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Define Dermatome
Is the specific area (of skin) where nerve inervates the MS. The origin
What areas are disturbed when there is PNS and cranial nerve lesions?
The sensory disturbance is experienced in the area supplied by the affected nerve
What are the different level of Sensory Disturbances caused by CNS/PNS injuries: (6)
1.Anesthesia-(Complete Loss of sensation)
4.Hyperesthesia-(Increased tactile)
5.Analgesia-(Complete loss of pain)
6.Hypalgesia or Hypoalgesia-(Diminished pain)
Sensory Dys Treatment Objectives
1.Promote and re-education recovery: hot/cold packs
2.Teach compensatory tech
3.Teach safety precautions
Sensory Dys Treatment Guidelines
1. Remedial treatment: Actually trying to restor more normal func
2. Compensatory treatment