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Wm. McKinley
President #25

killed/shot by an anarchosit-doctors couldn't find bullets- last words were "Be easy with him boys"
Theodore Roosevelt
Vice President then President after Mckinley was shot- youngest president ever

came from wealthy NY family-had asthma and to build strength lifted, ran and boxed -SELF MOTIVATED
person who wanted to break up all trusts

TR first and all others were afraid
TR and the Pa Miners Strike
Pa miners went on strike for better pay and shorter day. Mine owners refused to negotite with miners union. Public places ran out of coal. Roosevelt threatened to send US army to run mines. FInally owners sat down with union and reached agreement. TR 1st president to side with labor.
Square Deal
TR's campaign promise that all groups would have an equal opportunity to succeed(good job, employment for everybody
Pure Food and Drug Act
a 1906 law that required food and drug makers to list ingredients on packages

also make-up
TR and the Conservation Movement
TR took action to protect natural resources-Set aside 194,000 acres for nations parks

National Park- Take one down, put one in!!
Bull Moose Party
Progressice Republicans who supported TR during the election of 1912
Republican Party was Taft and TR

Democrats Woodrow Wilson(most progressive)WILSON WINS!!
Woodrow Wilson
Progressive and Democrat- Born in virginia- Always fought for what was right- Taft and Roosevelt won more votes then Wilson but then Rep. votes were split so Wilson won.
Standard of Living
Livestyle of people

Kawait people are millionaires
Then US
New Freedom
President Wilson's program to break up trusts(to hire more people) and restore american economic competition. Wilson first tried to make trusts smaller and then asked congress to lower tariffs and would favor imports and bring in foreign competition. Passed graduated income tax!!
Federal Reserve Act (created "The Fed")
The Bank of the Banks

Set up banks and gave the government the power to raise or lower interest rates and control money supply.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
government agency created in 1914 to ensure fair competion-Had power to investigate companies and order them to stop using unfair practices to destroy competitors