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Suboccipital Triangle Muscles
1. Obliquus capitis superior (weak extensor of neck)
2. Obliquus capitis inferior ( strong rotator of axis)
3. rectus capitis posterior major ( extension of vertebral column
4. rectus capitis posterior minor ( extension of vertebral column)
Floor of Triangle
Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
Roof of Triangle
semispinalis capitis muscle
Contents of Triangle (first 2)
1. Suboccipital nerve (dorsal ramus C-1) c-1 has no sensory portion and no dorsal root ganglion. Motor to muscles of Triangle
2. Greater occipital nerve (dorsal ramus c-2
Contents of Triangle (2nd 2)
3. Third occipital nerve (dorsal ramus C-3)
4. Vertebral Artery