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Calvin Coolidge
led the Boston police strike
laws to ban the teaching of religous
Assembly line
Form of workers worked on each part of the automobile in a straight line.
General Strike
many unions participate as a show of worker unity.
Uniformity of product
Developments in radios, movies, advertising, and the automobile industry furthered the process of creating a national culture
Jazz Age
A peroid marked by the great popularity of jaz music which changes in manners, morals, and fashion
a time of depression and developments
a movement to limit immigrations. It now claimed thst people from foreign countries could never br fully loyal to the U.S.
Workers against the government envolvment and laws.
women who were difined as a whole new style of dress and behavior
KU Klux klan
whites were bad
Sacco and Vanzetti
Two immigrants robbed and killed the guard and a paymaster at a shoe store
Scope Trial
radio to the President
Marcus Garvey
Founder of Universal Negro Improvement Association. Self respect
Charles Lindbergh
Was the first aviator to fly nonstopacross the Atlantic ocean,embodied the American ideal of the lone conquer
Harlem Renaissance
a pewriod of time during wich the literary, musical, and artistic expression of African Americans
Assembly Line
form of workers work on each section of cars
economic system in which manufacturing is conrolled by the workers
warren harding
A president of the U.S. which he promised of a "return to normalcy"
Red scare
Fear of communism and socialism