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Charles A. Lindbergh
-"The decades ultimate hero"
-stunt flyer and airmail pilot
-flew Spirit of St. Louis
-1st aviator to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean
-movement to limit immigration
-first appeared in 1800s
-revived after the war
-a youthful women
-dancing women with her boots open
Calvin Coolidge
-Hardings running mate in 1920 election
-remembered for being involved in famous Boston Police Strike
Assembly Line
-an organized production line
Harlem Renaissance
-literary life flourished
-happened in Harlem, New York
-African American writers started to thrive and be appriciated
-"mutual enrichment"
-religious movement
-belief that every biblical story was literally true
-appeared between 1909 and 1914
Marcus Garvey
-notable African American
-native Jamaican
-estab. a headquarters for his organization [Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)]
-his org. sought to improve African American self-respect
-jailed on fraud charges for overselling stock in a steamship line enterprise
-Prevention of disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings from reaching consciousness except in a disguised form (definition from American Heritage Online)
Sacco and Vanzetti
-two Italian immigrants
-connected with a murder unjustly
-accused of carrying guns-the same ones used in a murder
-convicted and sentenced to die
Scopes Trial
-trial of John T. Scopes that accused him of teaching evolution when the Bible was only dictated to be taught
Jazz Age
-age in the 1920s in which Jazz was a popular genre of the music industry
-the beginning of many different varieties of music
-African Americcans thrived and were appriciated
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
-white supremacist organization
-frequently lynched people who weren't White Anglo Saxon Protestants
general strike
an action in which many unions participate in a strike as a show of woker unity
uniformity of product
-interchangeable parts
-same product
Warren G. Harding
-Ohio Senator
-republican conservative
-overwhelmed the Democratic ticket with ideas
-won the 1920 election
-a person who bears hostility and descriminates against Jewish people
red scare
-fear of communism, socialism, or other so-called extreme ideas
-it gripped the nation