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Same molecular formula but different structures
What are some functions of a Monosaccharide?
1.Fuel for cells
2.Cells use the carbon skeletons of Monosaccharides to make other organic molecules (Amino Acids)
3.Monosaccharides are incorporated into larger carbohydrates for storage
4.Provides protection to organs: Kidneys
5.Provides insulation: Warmth
Stored form of Glucose in muscle & liver
What can carbohydrates be converted into?
Where is fructose found in?
Where is Glucose found in?
Sports Drinks & Plant Cells
What do fats consist of?
Do we lose fat cells?
Fat cells swell& shrink but we do not lose them
What are some examples of a Saturated Fatty Acid?
Animal Fat; Lard, Butter
Saturated Fatty Acids are what at room temperature?
What does a Saturated Fatty Acid lack hydrocarbon structure?
Double Bond
Fatty Acids are bonded to what number of hydrogen atoms?
Maximum number
Give examples of an Unsaturated Fatty Acid?
Plant and Fish Fat = Cod-liver oil, olive oil
Unsaturated Fatty Acids are what at room temperature?
Unsaturated Fatty Acids have what in their hydrocarbon structure?
Double Bond
Unsaturated Fatty Acids have what number of hydrogen atoms?
Less than the maximum number
Polysaturated Fats have even less of what kind of atom than Unsaturated Fats?
Margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oil are examples of what fatty acid group?
Saturated Fatty Acid
What type of scale is the Ph scale?
Logarithmic Scale
On the Ph scale 7 is?
On the Ph scale 1 is?
On the Ph scale 14 is?
As the number of hydrogen ions increases the Ph does what?
Oxygen enters lungs through what system?
Respiratory System
Dehydration Synthesis does what?
Forms water bonds to join Glycerol
Carbohydrates include what types of sugars?
Monosaccharide (Single Monomer Sugar)
Disaccharide (Two monomer sugar)
Polymers or Polysaccharide(Made of long chains of sugar units)
What is a fatty acid?
A fatty acid is a Triglyceride
What does Hydrolysis do?
Hydrolysis uses water to break bonds