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The absence or weakness in a system that may possibly be exploited is called a
The probability that a threat to an information system will materialize is called
Security assurance requirements describe:
how to test the system
Security functional requirements describe:
what a security system should do by design
The two types of IT security requirements are:
functional and assurance
The weadest link in any security system is the:
human element
Defense in depth is needed to assure that which three mandatory activities are present in a security system?
prevention, detection, and response
The CIA triad is often represented by a:
Related to information security, confidentiality is the opposite of which of the following?
Making sure that data has not been changed unintentionally due to an accident or malice is:
The three goals of information security are:
confidentiality, integrity, and availability
Controls are implemented to:
mitigate risk and eliminate the potential for loss.
A cookbook on how to take advantage of a vulnerability is called an
The three types of security controls are:
people, process, and technology
Process controls for IT security include:
A) assignment of roles for least privilege
B) separation of duties
C) documented procedures