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True or False
Continuity of health care does not exist in all insititutions.
Our health care system has become less service oriented and more ______ oriented.
The professional standards review organization function is to:
1. Review the quality, and cost of hospital care provided through Medicare.
2. Review admissions, diagnostic testing and treatments provided by physicians to clients.
3. Find incentives for controlling health care costs.
4. Identify and eliminate overuse of diagnostic and treatment services.
Which payment mechanism is one in which health care networks or managed care organizations receive a fixed amount per client or enrollee of a health care plan?
1. Prospective payment system.
2. Diagnosis-related groups.
3. Capitation.
4. Managed care.
In what type of managed care organization is the physician a salared employee?
Staff model.
The nurse organizes a blood pressure screening program. This is an example of which health care service?
1. Health promotion
2. Illness prevention.
3. Restorative care
4. Continuing care
Recurring issues that nurses face in this type of nursing are drug testing and right to know issues?
Occupational health nursing
This type of nursing has a nontraditional setting in which preventative and primary care can be found.
Parish nursing, or block nursing.
This site provides secondary and tertiary health care.
1. Home care organization
2. Rehabilitation facility
3. Extended care facility
4. Hospital
Medicare covers stays at this type of facility for 100 days, but at a decreasing dollar amount after 20 days.
How does "knowing clients" develop?
as a result of a nurse's experience in a specific clinical area.
What does AP stand for?
Assistive personnel; ie, certified nursing assitants and trained technicians.
What does hospice do?
Cares for terminally ill patients, allowing them to live and remain at home with comfort, independence an ddignity while alleviation the strains caused by the terminal illness.
Respite care is what?
Service that provides short term relif for the persons profiding home care to the ill or disabled client.
What type of living arrangement offers a long-term care setting with a homier environment and greater resident autonomy, where each resident has their own living quarters?
Assisted living.
What does the case manager do?
Advises nursing staff on specific nursing case issues, coordinates the referral of clients to services provided by other disciplines, ensure that client education has been implemented and monitors the client's progress through discharge.
Restorative care can happen in what types of facilities?
Home, rehab setting
What type of helath care would nutritional counseling fall under?
Health promotion.