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on both sides, around, both;prefix
up, back, against; prefix
away from; prefix
downward, disordered; prefix
-dia, di before vowel
through, across, apart; prefix
within, inner, inward; prefix
good, normal, healthy; prefix
-heter, hetero
different, other, relationship to another; prefix
-homo, homeo
same, likeness; prefix
-meta, met before vowel or h
change, transformation, after, behind; prefix
-para, often par before a vowel
alongside, around, abnormal, beyond; prefix
before; prefix
-pros, prosth
in place of; prefix
pertaining to, located in; adjecting forming suffix
forms names of enzymes; suffix
-asia, asis
state, condition; noun forming suffix
state, condition; noun forming suffix
state, condition, procedure; noun forming suffix
pertaining to; adjective forming suffix
-ics, tics
science or study of; noun forming suffix
state, condition, quality; noun forming suffix
state, condition, muscular spasm; noun forming suffix
-oid(rarely), ode, id
idicating a particular shape, form, or resemblance: like, resembling; noun and adjective forming suffix
usually tumor, occasionally disease; noun forming suffix
names of chemical substances: full of, resembling; Latin derived adjective forming suffix
pertaining to, characterized by, full of; Latin derived adjective forming suffix
see -ics
condition, person(sometimes malformed fetus); Latin noun forming suffix
to make, become, cause to be, subject to, engage in; Greek derived verb forming suffix
form names of chemical substances
form names of chemical substances
form names of chemical substances
form names of chemical substances
usually refer to the colon bacillus
usually refer to the urinary bladder
refer to gallbladder
highest point, extremeties(particularly the hands and feet); combining form
dull, faint; combining form
(crab), carcinoma, cancer; combining form
hernia, tumor, swelling; combining form
-cheir, chir
hand; combining form
bile, gall; combining form
-col(i), colon
colon; combining form
blue; combining form
-cyst(i), cystis
bladder,cyst, urinary bladder; combining form
double, twin; combining form
(small) intestine; combining form
action, work; combining form
stomach; combining form
-hem, hemat, em
blood; combining form
-hepar, hepat
liver; combining form
fat; combining form
(abnormally) large or long; combining form
-mega, megal
(abnormally) large or long; combining form
dark, black; combining form
(abnormally) small; combining form
night; combining form
pain; combining form
tumor; combining form
thick; combining form
false; combining form
pus; combining form
flesh, soft tissue; combining form
spasm, involuntary muscular contraction; combining form
spleen; combining form
-stom stomat
mouth, opening; combining form