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Why is it a bad idea to chop up ocean sponges in order to get rid of them?
They will regenerate
Why do cells of an adult continue to divide even after the adult has stopped growing?
To replace the cells that die
Make an exact copy of cells
Reproductive cells form
Sexual Reproduction
Two parents are needed for this type of development
Cells going through mitosis produce
Exact copies of the Chromosomes
Tongue curling is an example of ________.
A dominant trait
__________is an example of an incomplete metamorphosis
cricket / grasshopper
Rapid mitosis allows what to occur if a lizard gets its tail cut off.
Regeneration (He will grow a new tail.)
A nucleus of a cell prepares for mitosis by
Exact copies of the chromosomes
Metamorphosis is the process by which an insect
Changes the form of it's body
( A Butterfly)
Name the stages of an incomplete metamorphosis
egg, nymph, adult
Genes found on chromosomes contain the DNA codes for_____
Inherited Traits
Asexual Reproduction
needs only one parent to reproduce. (Yeast is asexual)
Direct development
Have the same shape of their parents
DNA code for a certain trait
Recessive Trait
Having blonde hair is a recessive trait
Inherited trait
Blue eyes is an inherited trait.
Dominant Trait
Black hair is a dominant trait.
Life Cycle
Development and growth of an egg is the first stage of a bird's lifecycle
After a division the cell has the number of these