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why cant all fire extinguishers be used to fight all fires?
there are different types of fires
when can a tool be hazardous?
if the tool is damaged or wear
why should electrical equipment be properly grounded?
to prevent shock or fire
where should fastener equipment not be used?
into brittle or very hard material
what precaution should be taken when moving a piece of air-conditioning and heating equipment?
use knees not your back
explain the precautions that should be taken when working more than 10 ft. above floor level when using a scaffold.
wheel's should be locked
identify the fuel used for heating that is heavier than air and explain why it poses a hazard.
R-123 stays in the lungs,then decomposes into hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.
explain how it is possible for a refrigeration compressor to give off toxic gases.
it can leak if exposed to excessive heat or in a compressor burn out
what type of air should never be used to ventilate an area?
compressed air
when is it recommened to use a respirator and why?
when handling hazardous materials
which organization sets standards for eye protection on the job?
should employees report accidents to their employer?
which federal legislative act affects the heating and air-conditioning trade?
explain what precautions should be taken when working in a confined space.
the buddy system should be employed so constant communication can be maintained at all times
what elements constitute a fire?
*fuel *oxygen *heat *chain reaction