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What was the fundamental question treated in Aristotles work, Metaphysics?
What is the nature of Being?
Who were the pre-socratic philosophers?
The western philosophers that lived in IONIA on the coast of Asia minor during the 6th century.
Who was the first Western philosopher?
What is the basic substance, according to Thales?
All is water.
What is the basic substance, according to Anaxiander?
He though the subtances must be ageless, boundless and Indeterminate. Beggining from nucleus fire and dark mist, fire.
What does Anaximenes claim the basic substance to be?
Who was Pythagorus, and what were his main ideas?
His main ideas were 2 points make a line, 3 points define a surface, solids are made of surfaces, and bodies our made out of solids.
Who was Theano?
She is Pythagorus wife, an she helps describe what she thinks her husband meant which is intimacy between things and #'s.
What does Heraclitus mean "all is fire?"
He though it was an essential feature of reality; namely that is ceaselessly changing.
What are the views of of Heraclitus regarding change and permanence?
"one cannot step in the same river twice." You are not the same person today as you were yesterday. and thats for EVERYTHING.
What is the " Logos" in Heraclitus view?
He saw ALL change as determined by a cosmic order.
Was Parmenides interested in discovering the fundamental substance that constitues everything?
He was not interested.
What are the characteristics of being, according to Parmenides?
He based everything that was "assumed" and are known prior to experience
Can being, itself, change, according to Parmenedes?
How does the thought of Parmenides differ from that of the Milesians?
Milesians looked around the world to come up with their conclusions, Parmenides instead came up with conclusions that anyone could guess.
What are the four basic material particles, according to Empedocles?
Earth, air, fire and water.
What explanation does empedocles give for why changes occur?
Empedocles thought that the basic elements enter new combinations under 2 forces-LOVE and STRIFE. which are essentialy forces of attraction and decomposition.
What 2 forces operate on the elements, accoding to Empedocles?
What are the names of the 2 pre-socratic philosophers who were atomists?
Leucippus and Democritus
Are atoms infinitely divisible, according to atomists?
What is Determinism?
The view that future states and events are completely determined by proceding states and events.
What is the Void?
An empty Space
Did Parmenides believe in the void?
He argued that void is not possible.
Do atoms operate in accordance with physical laws?
Yes they do.