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What is the definition of Coaching Concepts?
Are principles which serve as guidelines for coaching decisions, both on and off the practice and game field.
The definition of Coaching philosophy?
It is an evolving and ever changing in light of experience and knowledge.
What is the definition of Ethical Behavior?
Ethical behavior means that an individual is doing what is right, what is correct, what is within the boundaries of acceptable behavior, both on the athletic field and off.
What is the definition of Coaching Burnout?
Coaching Burnout is This is when the coach gets tired of coaching. A person has no zeal, determination, and diligence to do their job.
What is the definition of Time Factor?
The amount of time that a coach spends on athletic tasks.
What is the defintion of Monetary Rewards?
Monetary rewards is money that a coach makes. But very few are actually paid very well.
Definition of Teacher/coach role conflict.
The role of a coach might interfere with one's role as a teacher.
Definition of The Win Win Syndrome
Coaches that need to win and win and win some more.
What is the definition of outside pressures?
Outside pressures are things like alumni, fans, and members of booster clubs.These are stressors and they like to have their feelings known.
Definition of tenure.
A status granted after a trail period to a teacher protecting him from summary dismissal.
Definition of Continuing contract.
Almost literally a lifetime contract to continue in the capacity within the school or school system.
What is the definition of Rolling Contracts?
A specified time period employment, either 3,4,or 5 years. At the end of the contract the school decides if your performance was satisfactory or not, and might/might not renew your contract.
What is the definition of multi- year contract?
A contract that maybe for several years, but after the contract is up the coach/teacher leaves or is offered a different position.
What is the definition of year to year contract?
Year to Year contract means a coach has a specific 12 month contract, and at the end of the contract he/she will be notified of a new contract or notified that his contract will not be renewed.
What is the definition of Contract at Will?
A coach can be fired at anytime, for any reason or no reason, by the administration.