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how are clouds classified?
by altitude
condenation is?
the process by which molecules of water vapor in the air become liquid
What is greenhouse effect?
energy from absorbed radiation heats gasses and forms blanket heat in
WHat is wind?
Horizontal movement of air , high pressure toa low pressure.
what is heat transfer?
how heat moves
describe cumulus clouds
fluffy and rounded. indicate fair weather
what is thermal energy?
the total energy of motion in the molrcules of a substance
what is fog?
clouds that form near or at the grouns; forms when ground cools after night warm, humid day
what are 3 main types of clouds?
cumuls, cirrus, straus
how is heat tranfered?
radiation conduction convection
jet streams are what?
high speed winds going west to east
HOw are electromagnetic waves classified and what is radiation?
wavelengths, the dstance betwen waves. the direct transfer of energy
What have the longest wavelenghts and shortest? Charateristics of ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
red and orange longest blue and violet shortest. causes sunburn and cancer damage to eyes and skin. not visible felt as heat.
What are local winds and what are types?
winds that blow over short distances and sea breeze and land breeze
descibe cumulonimbous
towering wit flat top; often produce thunder storms, hail comes out of those clouds only.
stratus, cirrus, cirrocumulus clouds, describe
flat layers; produce rain or snow and also called nimbostratus

wispy and feathery made of ice crystals

rows that look like cotton balls and indicate storms
hat is radiation condusction and convection?
direct transfer of electromagnetcic waves

direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that is touching

transfer of heat by the movement of fluid
humidity is what?
a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air
where are the westerlies located?
between the polar front and horse latitudes
What is wind direction and wind speed measured with?
wind vane or wather vane. anemometer
Absorption and relfection are what?
what is tempeature?
average amount of engergy of motion of each molecule of a substance
what degrees is the duldrums, polar front, and horse latitudes?
0 60 and 30
heat is?
energy that is transferred from a hotter object to a cooler one
which are calm?
horse latitudes
What are the forms of solar energy?
visible ligh ROV G BIV, infrared raditation, ultraviolet radiation
________ travels to Earth as ___________
Energy from the sun travels to Earth as electromagnetic waves
dew point is?
the temperature at which condensatioon begins
what is relative humidity?
the percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maxium amount the air could hold
Celsus and farenheit?
freezing point 0 C 32 F
boiling point 100 C 212 F
HOw is wind named?
by the direction it comes from
What is wind caused by?
differences in air pressure
trade winds are_______
really windy
what is a psychrometer and how does it work?
it measures relative humidity. one wet one dry bulb
What are electromagnetic waves?
A form of energry that travles through space
what is evaporation?
the process which water molecules in liquid water escape into the air as water vapor