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What does a computer system refer too?
The computer and support devices that work as a team to recieve, process, and output information.
What system works with a computer system?
Binary coding system called ASCII (american standard code for information interchange) consisting of a series of zeros and ones. "zeros and ones are refered to as a bit"
What is the processor speed and how is it measured?
The processor speed is how fast data can be moved in and out of memory. It is measured in megahertz (MHz) which equals one million cycles per second or in gigahertz (GHz) which equals one billion cycles per second.
What are input, output, and storage devices?
Input devices allow the input of data into the computer. Examples: keyboards,mouse pad, microphone, webcam, etc.

Output devices produce the data after it has been processed in hardcopy or softcopy. Examples: computer monitors, printers, whiteboards, media players, etc.

Storage devices allow storage of data for later use.Internal storage includes a hard drive. External hard drives can be connected to the computer. Examples: usb drives, cd-roms, dvds, blue ray discs.
What does computer software do?
System software is a part of every computer system. Examples consist of Windows, and Mac.

Application software allows the computer to carry out specific functions, such as word processing, spread sheets, etc.

Intructional software includes content in tutorial, simulation, problem solving, etc.
What type of monitor adaptions can be used for students?
Students who have trouble seeing a screen can use a computer screen magnifier. Anti-glare filters can be used to reduce glare from overhead lights and large windows. Monitor mounts allows the students to easily see the computer monitor based off that student's height.
What type of keyboard adaptions can be used for students?
Arm and wrist supports stabilize arms, wrists, and hands to avoid pain and fatigue when using the keyboard and/or mouse.

Alternate keyboards are used to allow students to feel comfortable with accessing all the keys.
What type of mouse adaptions can be used for students?
Joysticks and trackballs can be used for students with physical disabilities.
What is a byte?
A byte is eight bits, the binary code for one character of data.
01000110 = A
What are Kilo and Terabytes?
A Kilobyte is 1,024 bytes. A Terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes, or a trillion keyboard characters.