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Juscelinon Kubitschek
-Brazilian President
-Capital Brazilia
-debt soared
Lazaro Cardenas
-President of Mexico
-tried to improve peasant life
-Improve Mexico's Oil Industry
Vincente Fox
-President of Mexico
-ended 71 years of PRI Rule
-works for democrcacy and reforms
Juan Peron
-Argentinian army officer who became dictator
-limited freedoms
Raul Alfonsin
-Argentinians first free elected president
General Sai Abacha
-became dictator over free elections
-martial law
-jailed dissidents
Olesegun Obasanjo
-first elected Nigerian president
-also reelected in 2003
-worked on debt
Nelson Mandela
-ANC Leader
-South Africa
-elected president
Desmond Tutu
-led economic campaign against aparthied in s. africa
F.W. de Klerk
-began to dissolve aparthied
-freed mandela
-legalized ANC
Thabo Mbeki
-Today's ANC official
-promoted free market
Mikhail Gorbachev
-persued new ideas in the S.U.
-perestroika=economic reconstruction
Boris Yeltsin
-Russia's first directly elected president
-helped form common wealth of independent states
Vladimir Putin
-S.U. after Yeltsin
-dealt w/ rebellion in Chechnya
-favored market economy
Lech Walesa
-Union leader
-elected president
-improved at slow pace
Erich Honecker
-East Germany party boss
-against reforms
Egon Krenz
-East German leader
-Took gamble of allowing people to leave
Helmut Kohl
-West Germany Chancelor
-persauded for Germany's reunification
Gerhard Schroeder
-Soviet Reformer
-Socialist Democratic Party
Milos Jakes
-Leader of Czech. conservative government
-resisted change
Vaclav Havel
-Czech. playwrite
-Critic of government
-elected president
Nicolae Ceausescu
-Ruthless communist dictator
Josip Tito
-held country together
Slobodan Milosevic
-asserted leadership over Yugo.
-opposed by many serbs
Zhou Enlai
-Moderate Chinese leader
-train to restrain radicals during cultural rev.
Deng Xiaoping
-Supported moderate economic policies
-Four Moderations
Jiang Zemin
-Deng's Successor
-Could not promise democracy
Hu Jintao
-Zemin's successor
-general secratary of communist party