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Fort Sumter
federal outpost in charleston, South Carolina, that was attacked by confederates in April, 1861, sparking the civil war.
Border States
slave states that didnt join the confederacy and lay btween the U.S and C.S
Cotton Diplomacy
The south tried to win over Britan by selling them cotton, but Bbritan didnt need cotton. they needed food, and cotton doesnt taste 2 good. haha south.
First Battle of Bull Run
1st major battle of ze war, C.S.A won, and showed dat the war wud not b won easily.
warships heavily armored with iron
Siege of Vicksburg
union armies 6 week blockadeof vicksburg that led the city 2 surrender during ze war.
Emancipation Proclomation
document by lincoln that freed the slaves
escaped or captured slaves taken in by union army during the war.
54th Massachusetes Infantry
black civil war regiment that helped capture fort wagner in south carolina.
northern democrats who opposed the war and called themselves peace democrats.
Habeas corpus
constitunial protction against unlawful imprisonment
Battle of Gettysburg
union civil war victory. turned the tide against C.S.A
Picketts charge
failed confederate attack at battle of gettysburg
gettysburg address
speech given by lincoln praising union soliders and renewing his will 2 win the war.
total war
type of war where an army destroys its enemies ability 2 fite by military, civilian, and economic resources.
Appomattox court house
the place where the C.S.A surrendered.