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Waht is the function ofthe male and female reproductive system?
to produce and maintain the sex cell then to transport them to the citeof fertilization
what produces sperm and hormones?
primary sex organs gonads
what sex organs have a supportive function?
secondary sex organs
what happens during spermatogenesis?
spermatogonia enlarges and becomes primary spermatocytes
what is a haploid
a secondary spermatocyte with 23 chromosomes
haploids divide to form what?
spermatids form what
the sperm cell
which organ secretes testosterone?
what is the function of testosterone?
to develope the male reproductive organs and male characteristics puberty hair ect.
what is the function of the female reproductive system?
to produce and maintain egg cells and transport them to the site of fertilization and provide a favorable enviroment for a developing fetus
Primary sex organs of the female are?
what are the accessory organs of the female system?
uterine tubes, uterus,vagina
what are the external organs of the female reproductive system?
what does the vulva include?
labia major, labia minor, clitoris and vestibular gland
what are the hormones produced by the ovaries?
estrogen and pregesterons
What are female sex cells called
seminiferous tubules do what?
produce sperm
what are male hormones called?
what is the path of sperm?
fromthe seminiferous tubules to the epididymis and then to the vas dererens
where does sperm mature?
what are the three parts of sperm?
head midpiece tail
the head of sperm has what?
nucleus 23 chromosomes, and acrosome contains exzymes
the midpiece of sperm contains what?
mitochondria which provides atp (energy)for lashing movement
What does the tail do?
propels the sperm through the fluid
what is spermatogenesis?
is the process of sperm cell formation
inthe male embryo teh cells that willbecome sperm are?
undifferentiated andare called spermatogonia
What stimulates spermatogonia to undergo mitosis ?
hormones stimulate spermatogonia to undergo mitosisand become what?
at puberty each primary spermatocytes undergoes the processof meiosis and results in two what?
secondary spermatocytes
secondary spermatocytes divide and become?
what are the four stages of sperm cell formation
spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes, spermatids
what are male internal accessory organs?
epididymides vas deferentia ejaculatoryducts and urethra seminal vesicles prostate gland bulbourethral glands
external male reproductive organs are
penis and scrotum
oogenesis is what?
the process of egg cell formation in women
what happens in female egg formation?
primary oocytes divide, resulting in a secondary oocyte and a first polar body,then the seconday oocyte can be fertilized then divides and produces tiny polar body and zygote
what are uterine tubes called
fallopian tubes
The clitoris correspondsto what male organ>?
the penis
what does the vestibule correspond to in the male?
bulbourethral gland
what is the male reproductive system function controled by?
testes hypothalamusand anterior pituitary
Male primary sex organs are the
What are teh functions of the epididymis?
allow the sperm to develop mobile tails store sperm as they mature supply some of the propulsive force needed for ejaculation
The egg arises from the
secondary oocyte