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Global Control
Regulatory mechanism that respond to envirn signals and effect many dif genes.
What is an example of catabolite repression?
E. coli diauxic growth
What type of control mechanisms is the lactose operon subj to?
both + and - control
CAP (catabolite activator protein)
Postive cntrl factor requires cyclic AMP as coactivator
How is the lac operon neg cntrl?
by the LacR repressor
How is the lac operon pos cntrled?
the glucose concentration through the activity of adenylyl cyclase.
When is CAP bind to DNA?
only when cAMP is bound.
When does RNAP bind?
When CAP is bound.
A single transcriptional unit (polycistronic mRNA) expressed coordinately from a single promotor and regulated by a common operator.
A set of operons, whose locations vary on the chromosome, that are regulated by a common repressor or activator. Proucts of the operons are often related, members of the same pathway.
Alternative sigma Factors
Can alter the specificity of promptor recognition of the RNA polymerase holoenzyme.
Two component regulators
A common scheme in bacteria for responding to environ stimuli.
What makes up a Two component regulator?
Sensor Kinase and Response regulator
Refers to a regulatory process where the control occurs during transcription elongation. Controls the number of transcripts that go to completion.
What are two important features of a leader region?
1. The RNA produced by transcription of the leader region has multiple and competing secondary stuctures. One of these structures is an intrinsic terminator structure.
2. The leader reagion encodes a small peptide that has codons for Trp (or other AA). THis is the key feature it has codons related to biosynth pathway encoded by the operon.