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Direct Primary
is a nominating election in which voters choose the candidates who later run in a general election
Seventeenth Amendment
which gave the voters the power to elect their senators directly
gives voters the power to initiate
is a companion to the initiative
enable voters to remove an elected official from office by calling for a special election
M.Jone and Tom Johnson
were self made men who earned their fortunes early in life
Robert M. La Follette
began his political career as a loyal republican
Wisconsin Idea
that became a model for other states
Theodore Roosevelt
as his running mate
Arbitration is the process by which two opposing sides allow a third party to settle a dispute
Square Deal
became Roosevelt's 1904 campaign slogan
Elkins Act
forbade shipping companies from accepting rebates, or money given back in return for business
Hepburn Act
authorized the icc to set railroad rates and to regulate other companies engaged in interstate commerce, such as pipelines and ferries
Upton Sinclair
published the jungle, an explosive novel that depicted the wretched and unsanitary conditions at a meatpacking plant
Meat Inspection Act
required federal government inspection of meat shipped across state lines
Pure Food and Drug Act
forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportation of food and patent medicine containing harmful ingredients
Gifford Pinchot
was a strong conservationist, forester, and a friend of Roosevelt
the process of making damaged land productive again
National Park service
was created in 1916 and the National park system has continued to grow
William Howard Taft
his secretary to war Taft won the nomination on the first ballot
Mann Elkins Act
in 1910, extending the regulatory power
Sixteenth Amendment
proposed in 1909 and ratified in 1913
Payne Aldrich Tariff
as the the bill was called
Richard Ballinger
Taft's secretary of the interior