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Who was the commander in cheif of the Union Army?
Abraham Lincoln
Who was commander in cheif of the Confederate Army?
Jefferson Davis
Who was the millitary leader known for his ability to outmaneuver the enemy?
Ulysses S. Grant
Where was the battle of the Tennessee-Mississippi border in April 1862?
What is a blockaid of a city called?
The battle at Manassas, Virgina was called?
The Battle of Bull Run
The Peace Democrats were called what?
A form of millatary rule would be called what?
martial law
Members of the Union Army were called what?
Members of the Confederate Army were called what?
Where did the Civil War begin?
Fort Sumter
What new state was formed in 1863 to side with the Union?
West Virginia
The final step of Winfields Scott's plan was to...
capture Richmond
Southerners fought the Civil War to....
preserve their way of life
The Emancipation Proclamation...
freeded slaves in the South
In the second Battle of Bull Run...
the Union Army retreated
The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers...
were the best known African American regiment
During the war, the economy of the North...
During the war, Congress established the first...
income tax
William Tecumseh Sherman wanted to show Southerners that their government could not...
protect them
Why did the North fight the Civil War
They wanted to bring the Union back together.