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What was the Copernicus hypothesis?
1. The stars appear to be moving as a result from the earth's rotation but actually are unmoving. 2. The universe was unthinkably large or infinite. 3. The earth was just another planet.
What did Ptolemy achieve?
allowed astronomers to track the planets with greater precision
What did Copernicus write?
On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
what did Copey study
Who was Tycho Brahe?
built observatory, believed that the sun and planets revolved around the earth and moon though the planets revolved around the sun,
What were the 3 laws made by Kepler?
1. orbits are elliptical
2. planets don't move at a uniform speed
3. time a planet takes to make its complete orbit is related to its distance from the sun
What did Galileo do and write?
Wrote Dialogue on the Two Chief System of the World in 1632
law of enertia, believed in Copernicus,
Newton's Laws? Book?
Principia Mathematica - book
Law of universal gravitation - everything in the universe attracts everything else in proportion to the quantity of matter and inversely proportional to the square of the distances between them
apple, clunk
What did Gresham College do?
founded by Sir Thomas Gresham, main center of scientific activity
Tell about Francis Bacon and empiricism.
practical, useful knowledge that brought greater control of the physical environment and made people rich and nations powerful, inductive reasoning
if all bees are paper and all paper comes from trees then all bees come from ____
Who created Cartesian Dualism and what was it?
Descartes, world made of "mind" and "matter"
be our guest, be our guest, da da dahhh dunh dunh da da
What did Fontenelle achieve and write?
wrote Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds
tried to make science witty, skeptical bout organized religion
why did the chick cross the road?
What 2 books did Locke write?
Essay Concerning Human Understanding and Second Treatise of Civil Government
What did the philosophes do and what did they write?
wrote the Encyclopedia, group of intellects
smarty pants
How did France lead the way in the Enlightenment?
1. French was the language of the educated
2. French absolutism and religious orthodoxy remained strong but not too strong
3. French philosophes influential
What did the Baron de Montesquieu write?
The Persian Letters criticizing English practices/beliefs
Helen Keller
Who wrote The Spirit of the Laws
Who was Madame du Chatelet?
studied philosophe stuff, suffered cuz of gender but thought that they had potential
"Girl power, equalization between the sexes."
What was important about Voltaire?
loved England, hated religious intolerance, praised enlightened monarchs
Who edited the Encyclopedia and say stuff bout it?
Diderot, criticized basically everything
i can think of a few examples...
What's deism?
reason should be the basis of belief in God, rejected organized religion
What did Rousseau write?
The Social Contract
What was Pugachev's Rebellion?
revolted gainst Catherine the Great, slaughtered, Catherine decided not to free the serfs
bad, bad, bad, bad boys...
When was the War of the Austrian Succession?