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UN Security Council
a 15 member panel which bears the UN's major responsiblity for keeping international peace pg 496
Regional Security Alliances
Treaties in which the US and other countries involved have agreed to take collective action to meet aggression in a particular part of the world. pg492
Diplomatic Immunity
When an Ambassador is not subjected to the law of the state to which they are accredited p471
compulsory military service pg 480
A policy based on the belief that if communism could be kept within it's boundries, it would collapse under the weight of it's internal weakness
Foreign Policy
A group of polices made up of all the stands and actions that a nation takes in every aspect of it's relationships with other countries; everything a nation government says and does in world affairs
Domestic Affairs
All matters not directly connected to the relm of foreign affairs
Collective security
The keeping of international peace and order.
Foreign Aid
Economic and Military aid to other countries
Right on Legation
The right to send and receive diplomatic representatives
Cold War
A period of over 40 years during which relations between two superpowers, were at least tense and/or hostile
The policy of meking America and it's allies so military strong that their strength will discourage an attack