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Who refused to back a slaveholder in 1848?
Conscience Whigs
Who was the Know-Nothing candidate in 1856?
Millard Fillmore
Who was known as the "Great Compromiser"?
Henry Clay
Who debated against Abraham Lincoln ub 1858?
Stephen A. Douglas
Who lost the senatorial election in 1858?
Abraham Lincoln
Where was the free-soil stronghold?
Lawrence, Kansas
Who was elected president in 1856?
James Buchanan
Where did the Republican Party start?
What was part of the Compromise of 1850?
Fugitive Slave Act
Where was the site of a raid led by John Brown?
Harpers Ferry
Most controversies centered around slavery in....
the new territories
What event led to a national crisis in 1849-1850?
California's application for statehood
The Compromise of 1850 was signed into law by President...
Millard Fillmore
Simon Legree and Uncle Tom were characters in...
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Stephen A. Douglas
John Brown and his followers killed proslavery settlers in....
Charles Sumner made a speech in which he criticized Senator...
Andrew Buttler
In a debate at Freeport, Illinois, Lincoln asked Douglas what he thought about...
the Dred Scott decision
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in....
In 1859 John Brown and his followers occupied a...
federal armory
Why did Southerners think that an attack on slavery was an attack on their way of life??
Many Southerners believed in tradition, and slavery was a cornerstone of Southern culture and society, and therefore, if slavery was outlawed, their society would crumble.