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What regiment was an all black regiment that fought at Fort Wagner?
The all black regiment that fought at Fort Wagner was the 54th Massachusetts regiment.
What is Total War?
Total war is when the soldiers as well as the civilians of the country are effected. The North waged total war on the South during the Civil War
What is an Abolitionist?
An abolitionist is a person who wanted slavey to end in the United States.
What is the Confederate States of America?
The Confederate States of America are the states the secceed from th Union after Lincoln became President.
What are the five border states?
Missouri, Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia
Hint: Miss Dela Married Ken West
Define Draft
Law requiring certain people to serve in the military.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
The Emancipation Proclamation was President Lincoln's declaration freeing slaves in the Confederacy.
What was significant about the Batlle of Bull Run?
This battle was special because people came to watch the battle and enjoy a picnic lunch, they also thought it would end quickly. This was also the first battle of the Civil War.
Lincoln had a hard time finding a generals because this person was in the Confederate army? This preson was the commander of the Confederate army.
The person was Robert E. Lee.
What is a border state?
The five slave states that stayed in the Union during the civil war.
What are 3 Union advantages?
1.The Union had four times as many free citezens then the south therefore more volunteers.
2.They had many people to grow food and to work in factories making supplies.
3.The Union also had more than 70 percent of the nation's rail lines, which was used to transport both troops and supplies.
what was the battle of Gettysburg.
The battle took place in the town of Gettysburg and lasted three days. Gettysburg was one of the most important battles of the Civil War because the Confederates would never attack the north again.
What are some disadvantages for the Confederacy?
The Confederacy did not have as many soldiers as the Union, the Union had more than 2 times the number of population. They had serious economic weaknesses, few factories and railroads, and political problems.
What were the Union battle plans?
To fight an offencive war, Blockade the southern ports, capture the confederate government, and to seize controll of the Mississippi river.
What were the Confederate battle plans?
To fight a defensive war.
To continue trade with Europe.
What is Fort Wagner?
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment lead the attack. The fort was under heavy fire and the troops were forced to withdraw. They were not successful.
What are some advantages for the Confederacy?
Some Confederate adventages were that they were fighting on their own land,and they had the fighting spirt. Their general was also Robert E. Lee.
what what were the Union disadvantages?
The Union disadvantages was that they did not fight on their land because they were playing the offensive part of the war. The Union did not have a strong navy either.
What is the
appomattox courthouse?
The Appomattox Courthouse is where General Robert E. Lee, of the Confederacy, surrendered to General Ulysses S.Grant, of the Union.
What was the name of the Battle that General McClellan and Lee fought against eachother
Battle of Antietam
What nick name was Thomas Jackson given during bull run and why?
"Stonewall" Jackson was the nick name he was given because he told his troops not to run but hold their ground they where like a stone wall.
List what the 11 confederate states
1.Texas 5.Mississippi
2.Arkansas 6.Alabama
3.Louisiana 7.Georgia
4.Tennessee 8.Florida
9.S Carolina
10.N Carolina
This person was a general who began move toward the unions goal,which was to seize control of the Mississippi River.
General Ulysses S. Grant