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South Carolinians have always used the ________ to meet their needs.
When you grow something and it is more than you need for your needs it is called _______________.
What did the settlers do with the "extra" products?
they traded their product for things they did not produce.
Fenced areas that held large herds of cattle were called __________________.
Who were the first cowboys in the U.S.A.?
Slaves in charge of the cowpens.
Until recently S.C. was a rural state because most of the people here worked in agriculture. What is a synonym for agriculture?
Name S.C.'s old money crops.
rice, cotton, tobacco
Name one more "old" money crop that was not named in this chapter, but you should remember for PACT testing
What regions of S.C. can I find grassy fields?
Midlands and Piedmont
What is a synonym for "grassy fields"
In 1995 what animal sold for the highest amount of money?c
What animal product made the most money?
What is S.C.'s newest money crop?
Name one soybean and one grain product that you have eaten this week that could have been grown in S.C.?
soybeans-margarine for toast
grain- bread
Where is the S.C. state fair held at each year?
What season is it held in?
Use for inference powers and think...why would it be held then?
farmers aren't busy caring for the crops
Name the two things that truck farmers do with the "extra" fruits and vegetables they grow.
sell at roadside stands and also to canning companies
S.C. is the fifth largest "what" grower in the U.S.A.?
Name the kind of fruits that truck farmers grow that YOU can pick?
strawberries and blueberries
What regions of S.C. can you find orchards?
Up Country
What is an orchard?
a field of fruit trees
Georgis, the state that borders South Carolina to our west, is know as the "Peach State", but who grows more peaches?
What state borders S.C. to the north?
North Carolina
What is sod and what is it used for?
1. rolled up carpet grass
2. People buy sod to start new lawns and to cover bare areas of land
South Carolina is the only place in North America that grows________________.
Where is the largest pine tree nursery in the world?
Aiken County, SC
What three types of weather cause S.C. farmers problems?
1 very cold temperatures at the wrong time
2. hail
3. drought
Explain what drought is and what do farmers use to help them during a drought
1. a drought is a long period when there is no rain
2. irrigation-use reservoir water to water the fields
Farmers plant their fields in a special way to help stop erosion. What is it called?
Contour Farming
What crop did the boll weevil almost destroy?
Farmers use "supply and demand" to determine he price they get for their crops. If they grow a lot of cotton, will the price be low or high?
South Carolina is changing from being an agricultural and rural state to having lots or cities and suburbs. Why?
Because of the new industries in S.C.
What jobs does a forester do?
Take care of the trees in our forests. They decide which trees can be cut. They decide where new trees need to be planted
What are the two most important uses of land in S.C.?
Agriculture and forestry
Can minerals be replaced?
What can we do to conserve our minerals?
Change how we use them and recycle
What is our state stone?
Blue granite
Explain how entrepreneurs help S.C. grow and change?
Create new jobs and make profits. New jobs bring people to our state.