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What is the title of Chapter 16 of the US Navy Dive Manual titled?
Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures
What are two ways of mixing gases?
Partial Pressure, Continuous-flow, or by volume or weight.
Aboard ships what method is generally used to mix gases?
Partial pressure or continuous-flow.
Aboard shore facilities what method is generally used to mix gases?
by volume or weight.
Mixing by partial pressure is based on what gas law?
Dalton's Law
What does Dalton's Law state?
The total pressure of a mixture is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of all the gases in the mixture.
In what ways can the partial pressure of a gas be measured?
Ideal-gas (perfect-gas) method or real-gas method
What is Ideal-Gas method?
Ideal gas method assumes that pressure is directly proportional to the temperature and density of a gas.
What is Real-Gas method?
The real gas method additionally accounts for the fact that some gases will compress more or less than other gases.
What gas compress' more, Oxygen or Helium.
True or False. If a cylinder is filled with 1000psia of Oxygen and topped off with 1000psia of Helium the cylinder will contain more Oxygen.
What equipment and material is required to mix gases?
Inert gas, Oxygen, mix cylinders or flasks, an oxygen analyzer, and a mixing manifold. A gas transfer system may or may not be required.
Since heating of the gases and its cylinder during compression will give false readings, you should let the cylinder rest for _:_.
6 hours.
Using an oxygen transfer pump draws oxygen from a lower pressured cylinder and transfers the oxygen to a higher pressured cylinder therefore….
Conserving gas.
In a continuous-flow mixing system, constituent gases are regulated to the same ___ and ___ before being metered.
Temperature and Pressure.
Describe Mixing by Volume method.
Mixing by volume, is know volumes of gases are mixed at near atmospheric pressures then compressed into a storage cylinder.
Describe Mixing by Weight method.
Mixing by weighing gases. Accuracy dependent on scale accuracy, know weight of cylinder. Always analyze mixture with Oxygen Analyzer.
Why is gas analysis so important in diving?
Adverse physiological reactions can occur when exposure time and concentrations of various components the breathing atmosphere very from prescribed limits.
When selecting analyzing instruments, two things that should be considered are…
accuracy and response time of the instrument.
Guidance for choosing analytical instruments can be obtained from….
NAVSEA, NEDU or from instrument manufacturer technical representatives.