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What is Evolution?
Evolution is the process of change of overtime.
What is a Fossil & why are fossils important?
Fossils are remains of an animal or plant compacted together by the sediment of earths over thousands of years. It is important because it is a piece to the Evolution Theory and helps show the change overtime.
What is Artificial Selection?
They are traits that we human pick due to it being dominant and strong to be produced or mated.
What is Fitness?
It is an animals that is able to survive and reproduce and pass its gene on to its offspring.
What is Adaptation?
It is an animals trait that is inherited to survive with their environment.
What is Natural Selection?
It is the process in which the animal that is able to live and reproduce its strong genes to its offspring and the animal that was not able to survive are not able to reproduce.
What is a Analogous Structure?
Body parts share a common function but are not structurally related.
What is Biogeography?
The study of where organisms live and where their ancestors lived in the past.
What is Homologous Structures?
Structures of an animal that are the same as other, but are different.
What is Vestigal Organ?
Parts that an animal share in common, but is no longer useful.