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What are the basic necessities for CT flouro?
-Slip ring technology (continuous scanning)
-high speed processing (image reconstruction)
-fast processiong algorithm (continuous imaging display)
How is fast continuous scanning made possible??
By slip ring technology, continuous xray tube rotation equaling faster data collection.
How is fast image reconstruction made possible?
By a set of hardware components dedicated to provide fast computations with new image reconstruction algorithm. This process removes artifacts.
What is the new image reconstruction algorithm?
6 images per second, by adding the next 60-degree data set acquired and subtracting the previous.
What are the CT flouro equipment components?
Several acquistion, image processing, image display, and recording components.
What are the acquisition components of CT flouro?
- the scanner
- 3rd generation, spiral/helical geometry,, slip rings, 72cm gantry,
What are the image processing components of CT flouro?
Raw data is sent to the preprocessor then to high speed memory data, 1st data set is processed with convolution and back projection, the next set is processed with real time recons.
What are the Xray techniques common with CT flouro?
30 - 50 mA
80 - 120 kVp
special filter that reduces the dose 50%
What are the image quality parameters of CT flouro?
spatial resolution, density resolution, image noise and artifacts
What does FACTS stand for?
Flouro-Assisted-CT-System. C-arm and CT scanner
What does CARE refer to?
Combined-Applications- to - Reduce-Exposure. CT system designed to provide realtime image recon. and display.