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the unfair treatment of an individual based on a group membership (such as race) alone.
the policy or practice of separating racial or ethnic groups in schools, housing or industry
Jim Crow laws
state and local laws that discriminated against African Americans and supported segregation.
de jure segregation
segregation that is authorized by the government and the law.
de facto segregation
literally, segregation "in fact"; racial or ethnic separation that occurs without the backing of laws or political action.
the doctrine that segregation of the African American and white races was legal as long as separate facilities were comparable in quality.
a person who advocates the political, social, and economic rights of women.
Title IX
the requirement that all schools receiving federal funds offer male and female students equal classroom and extracurricular activities.
Comparable worth
the principle that woman should be paid salaries equal to those of men for equivalent job responsibilities and skills.
Affirmative action
government and private policies designed to provide equal opportunity for minority groups that have suffered from discrimination in the past.
a minimum number of people from a minority group that may be admitted to an institution or hired by a company or organization.
reverse discrimination
a situation in which affirmative action policies violate the rights of the majority groups.