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The subfield of psychology concerned with ways psychological factors influence the causes and treatment of physical illness and the maintenance of health.
health psychology
a psychological disorder characterized by chronic psychological arousal, recurrent unwanted thoughts or images of the trauma, and avoidance of things that call the trauma to mind.
The physical and psychological response to internal or external stressors
specific events that place demands on a person or threaten the person's well being.
A source of stress that occurs continuously or repeatedly.
a chronic stressor
A three stage physiological response that appears regardless of the stressor that is encountered.
An emotional physiological reaction to an emergency that increases readiness for action.
Fight or Flight Response
The tendency toward easily aroused hostility, impatience, a sense of time urgency and competitive strivings.
Type A Behavior Pattern
A state of physical, emotional, and mental exhausting created by long term involvement in an emotionally demanding situation and accompanied by lowered performance and motivation
Facing a stressor and working to overcome it
Rational Coping
Finding a new or creative way to think about a stressor that reduces its threat
A technique for reducing tension by consciously relaxing muscles of the body
relaxation therapy
A condition of reduced muscle tension,, cortical activity, heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure
Relaxation response
the use of an external monitoring device to obtain information about a bodily function and possibly gain control over that function.
the aid gained from interacting with others
social support
A clinically significant psychological response to a therapeutically inert substance or procedure
Placebo Effect
A psychological disorder involving combinations of multiple complaints with no medical explanation
somatization disorder
A disorder characterized by apparently debilitating physical symptoms that appear to be voluntary- but the person experiences as involuntary
conversion disorder
the set of psychological disorders in which the person displays physical symptoms not fully explained by a general medical condition
somatoform disorders
A psychological disorder in which a person is preoccupied with minor symptoms and develops an exaggerated belief that the symptoms signify as a life threatening illness.