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What are 2 trends of the Romantic Period?
individualism and birth of the "blue collar worker"
Who is Karl Marx?
philosopher,refined SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, Das Kapital
Who is Georg Hegel?
philosopher, art=beauty, beauty=truth
3 characteristics of 18th Century art?
form, intellect, sophistication

(19th is emotional, feeling, total self-expression)
3 characteristics of 19th Century art?
emotional, feeling, total self-expression

(18th is form, intellect, sophistication)
Who is Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres?
specialized in portraits, sensuous textures (smooth), spatial, INFLUENCED BY DAVID AND RAPHAEL
What did Ingres do?
painted Joan of Arc
Who is Theodore Gericault?
child prodigy, multiple focal points, some large canvases, INFLUENCED BY MICHELANGELO AND RUBENS
Who is Francisco de Goya?
Rococo style, became deaf in 1792, brush stroke important, later paintings very political or bizarre objects
What did Goya do?>
painted Clothed Maja and Group on Balcony, The Third of May 1808
Who is Joseph Turner?
English dude, child prodigy, SEASCAPES, oils/watercolors, fragmented paintings
What did Turner do?
The Fisherman at Sea, The Slave Ship, Sunrise with Sea Monsters
Who is Rosa Bonheur?
one of 1st successful female artists, romanticist/realist, usually animals, paintings made into engravings
What did Bonheur do?
A Couple of Deer,Plowing in the Nivernais
Who is Sir edwin Henry Landseer?
Victorian painter, animals, depicted with human traits
What did Landseer do?
Dignity and Impudence, The old Shepards Chief Mourner
What are 5 important things about Romantic Music?
Expressive/complex, color and timber is explored, rise of virtuoso musician, pieces for specific people, CADENZAS
What is a Cadenza?
a brilliant solo passage occuring near the end of a piece of music
What did Nicolo Paganini do?
MUSIC: Caprice No. 1
Who is Franz Schubert?
composing at 13, best known for Lied, LIEDER
What is Lieder?
German song with vocal melody and pano accompaniments w/poetic ext
What did Schubert do?
MUSIC: Die Erlkonig
Who is Frederic Chopin?
concert pianist, Rubato, expressive and technically demanding, variety of piano works
What is Rubato?
"robbed time"
What did Chopin do?
MUSIC: Nocturne in Eb Major
What were 2 Women Composers?
Clara Schumann, and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
Who is Clara Schumann?
wife of Robert Schumann, one of foremost European pianist, composer
Who is Fanny Hensel?
sister of Felix Mendelssohn, composer pianist and conductor (MUSIC Geheimes Flustern hier und dort)
Wh ois Hector Berlioz?
influential figure in orchestration, SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE
What is Symphonie Fantastique?
multiple movements tied together by a certain motif
What did Berlioz do?
MUSIC: Dream of a Witches Sabbath
Who is Johannes Brahms?
folk/dance idioms, expressive and passionate, considered successor to Beethoven in the symphony
What did Brahms do?
MUSIC: Symphony No. 1 in C minor MVT 1
What are 3 special things about Italian Opera?
Lyric Opera and Opera Comique, Heavily used Lietmotif
What is Lyric Opera?
very lyrical, fantastical, somewhat serious
What is Opera Comque?
had pseakin, not very heavy or serious
What is Lietmotif?
a melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation
Who are 2 Italian opera Dudes?
Giuseppe Verdi and Gioachino Rosinni
What did Verdi do?
MUSIC: Rigoletto - "La Donna e Mobile"
What did Rosinni do?
MUSIC: Barber of Seville "Una Voce Poco Fa"
Who is Richard Wagner?
Composer, developed Grand Opera, RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES BABY!
What did Wagner do?
Flight of the Valkyries