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Ulnar side of forearm, little and ring finger, and part of middle finger limpth drain into
Epitroclear lympth nodes
Redail side of forearm, thumb, index and part of middle finger limpth drain into
Axillary nodes
The superficial inguinal nodes groups are?
Horizontal group. High on the anterior thigh, below the inguinal ligament.
Vrtical group. Upper part of saphenous vein.
PVD, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Common symptoms
Pain in arms or legs.
Intermitten claudication.
Cold , numbness, pallor
Color change of finger tips and toes in cold weather.
Swelling in calves, led or feet
Swelling with redness or tenderness.
Background risk factors for PVD and PAD
Tabaco abuse
Sroke or MI history
PAD screening tool.
ABI, Ankle brachial Index
Sharp demarcated pallor of fingers, normal wrist pulses, spasmic distal artery indicated?
Raynaud's disease
Widening femoral pulse suggest?
Femoral aneurysm.
Common place of abstruction with artherosclerosis in leg
Thigh, arteries circulationg in the thigh,
Normal femoral pulse, popliteal pulse decrease or absent.
Enlarge epitroclear nodes could indicate?
A lesion in its drainage area, or associated with generalize lymphaenopathy.