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What policy did the western democracies adopt towards the demands of Hitler in order to keep the peace?
The depression and extensive what pushed the western democracies and other governments to pursue peace at any cost?
The United States Congress passed a series of Neutrality Acts to prevent what?
U.S involvement in a war in Europe
The Nazi's found Austrians willing to listen to their message and by 1938 Hitler was ready to plot what?
the anschluss of Austria and Germany
In September 1939 Hitler used tanks and the Luftwaffe, struck a overwhelming blow to the Poles during what?
Hitlers Blitzkrieg of Poland
What was passed to aid any country whose defense the President found fundamental to the defense of the United States?
the Lend-Lease Act
In 1942 the Germans launched an offensive against the the Soviets seeking their oil fields in the South, but suffered a costly defeat in what?
the Battle of Stalingrad
Why did the Big three meet at Yalta in February 1945?
to plan war strategy and to make agreements for Eastern Europe after the end of the war
On August 6, 1945 where did the United States dropp an atomic-bomb on, code named 'Little Boy?"
What city did Hitler stage mass rallies in, where the war crimes trials of Axis leaders were held?
Why were sanctions authorized by the League of Nations against Italy?
becasue of thier 1935 invasion of Ethiopia
The Nazis used the Spanish Civil War to test plans and what as a precursor to World War 2?
new weapons
At the 1938 Munich Conference the British and French convined the______to surrender the ________
Czechs, Sudenland
What did the 1939 Nazi-Soviet pact do?
it gave Hitler a free hand to invade poland
The______first attacked ground targets from the air in Hitler's_____strategy
Luftwaffe, Blitzkrieg
Germany invaded Poland from the west and the Soviet Union attaked from where as part of the Nazi-Soviet Pact?
In 1940 at _____ _______ forces were rescued and taken across the English Channel to safety in Britain
Dunkirk, British
After France's surrender Germany occupied the norht and start up a "puppet state" capital in the south where?
While preparing for Operation Sea Lion what did HItler do?
he altered the German plans and bombed London and other cities
In 1936, what was another violation of the Treaty of Versailles?
Hitler's movement of troops into the Rhineland
Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union was a result of his desire for what?
the Soviet Unions considerable resources
During the invastion of the Soviet Union, what stalled Hitlers forces and resulted in the death of thousands of German Soldiers?
the extreme winter of 1941
In order to stop Japanese aggression in Southeast Asia the U.S. banned the sale of______, _______and ______to Japan triggering the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Iron, steel, oil
In the United states what character was a symbol for American women working in jobs that produced weapons for the war?
"Rosie the Riveter"
In 1942, the Big Three of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin agreed to destroy the enemy in_______before completing the task in______
Europe, Asia
In a late 1943 conference at Tehran, Churchill and Roosevelt acquiesced to_____and allowed the ______- ________pact borders to stand
Stalin, Nazi-Soviet
At the Battle of El Alamein the British defeated Rommel and then stopped the Germans and drove the Axis troops out of where?
North Africa
By the June1944 D-day assault the German Air Gorce was crippled by the massive Allied bombing attacks that battered German what?
military bases, factories, oil depots, and railroads
What was the strategy of the Island-hopping campaign?
for Americcan forces in the Pacific to gradually move north towards Japan
who deliberatly crashed their planes into American warships?
Japanese Kamikaze pilots
The bloody Battle of the Bulge, which lasted more than a month, delayed what?
the allied advance from the west
What was a code name for research to develop and atomic bomb?
the Manhattan Project
A major goal of Stalin agter World War 2 that led to the Cold War was his desire for a______or friendly governments in Eastern Europe
buffer zone
What was the Trueman Doctrine designed to do by limitling it to areas already under Soviet control?
contain communism
The offer of what by the United States and its western allies to west Germany resulted in the Soviets strenghening their hold on East Germany?
the Marshall Plan