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Acheiving Wealth or influence through one's own effort rather than being born to a priveleged family
Self-made (man)
Employees of the government
Civil Servants
the practice of rewarding political suporters with government jobs
spoils system
a tax impossed by the government on goods from another country
to withdraw from an organization or alliance
When was the first time common people could vote ?
Who could vote before the 1820's?
the rich and well born
What did Jackson decide to do after the war?
become a lawyer
What was Jackson's nickname?
Old Hickory
What did Jackson's supporters accuse Henry Clay and John Qunicy Adams of making?
a corrupt bargain
The idea that common people should control their government became known as what?
Jacksonian Democracy
What did Congress hope to incourage the growth of by raising tariff on goods?
American manufacturing
What region did the Nullification Crisis favor?
The North
Who lead the Nullification Crisis?
John C. Calhoun
What state was against the Tariffs the most?
South Carolina
Who did Jackson believe the Bank of the US benifitted?
At whose expense?
Rich, Easterners
at the farmers and workers expense (common people)
Who was the Bank's president that Jackson distrusted?
Nicholas Biddle
Who tried to renew the Bank's charter 4 years early?
Henry Clay
What did citizens call the tribes of indians that could read and write, farmed, and had their own Constitution and a newspaper?
Five Civilized Tribes
Who was the cheif of the Sac and Fox Tribes?
Black Hawk
What tribe were the 17,000 indians forced west from?
How many died?

4,000 died