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The Central Nervous System contains?
Brain & Spinal cord
The Peripheral Nervous System contains?
1. Cranial Nerves
2. Spinal nerves
3. Ganglia
Functional organization of the Nervous System
1. Sensory
2. Motor
* Afferent
-Somatic sensory
-Visceral Sensory
* Efferent
-Somatic Motor
-Autonomic Motor
Somatic Sensory
Skin, joint, special senses
Visceral Sensory
Receives info from viscera
Somatic Motor
Voluntary, controls skeletal muscles
Autonomic Motor
* Involuntary
* Cardiac & smooth muscle
* Glands
What are the 2 cells of the Nervous system?
1. Neurons
2. Glial cells
What are some characteristics of Neurons?
- 100 billion in your body
- long lived
- Communicate cia electrical signals called action potentials
What are the 3 components of neurons?
1. Cell body
2. Dendrites
3. Axon
What do Dendrites do?
Receive information from other cells
What do Axon's do?
Send information to other cells. (usually in the form of action potentials)
What are some characteristics of glial cells?
- 900 billion
- support & protect neurons
- do not fire action potentials.
What are the 4 types of Glial cells?
1. Astrocytes
2. Ependymal cells
3. Oligodenrocytes
4. Neurolemmocytes
* Help form blood brain barrier. Protects neurons from toxins in blood.
(most abundant glial cell)
Ependymal cells
* Produce cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
- line ventricles
* Myelinate axons in CNS
* Myelinate axons in PNS
What are the 3 CT layers of a Nerve?
1. Endoneurium
2. Perineurium
3. Epineurium
What is the Endoneurium?
A delicate layer arround a single axon
What is the Perineurium?
Surrounds a fascicle
What is the Epineurium?
Tough CT layer around a nerve
What is a Fascicle?
A bundle of axons within a nerve.
What is a Synapses?
- Connection between a neuron & another cell.
How do Neurons communicate?
At a synapse with molecules called neurotransmitters.