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accretionary wedge, p 424
a large wedge-shaped mass of sediment accumulating above subduction zones. Here sediment is scraped from the descending oceanic plate and accreted to the overriding crustal block
Andean-type plate margins, p 422
a plate boundary the generates continental volcanic arcs because of subduction. see figure 14.7 on p.423
backarc basin, p 420
The region between an island arc and the continental mainland, commonly with at least some oceanic crust on its floor.
compressional mountians, p 425
the major type of mountain belts seen on earth. Generated by horizontal forces shortening and thickening crustal material by means of folding and thrust faulting.
The Himalayas are a good example of compressional mountains
continental volcanic arc, p 419
A belt of volcanic mountains on the continental mainland that lie above a subduction zone. Compare with island arc .
these mountains are formed by igneous activity related to subduction of the oceanic crust. The Andes and Cascades are good examples of continental volcanic arcs.
fault-block mountains, p 435
a mountain formed by the displacement of rock along a fault.
fold-and-thrust belts, p. 426
Mountains, characterized by extensive folding and thrust faulting, that form at convergent plate boundaries on continents.
forearc basin, p. 425
gravitational collapse, p 437
island arcs, p 419
A curved belt of volcanic islands lying above a subduction zone. Compare with continental arcs.
isostacy, p 437
The condition of equilibrium, comparable to floating, of units of the lithosphere above the asthenosphere.
isostatic adjustment, p 437
compensation of the lithosphere when weight is added or removed. When weight is added, the lithosphere subsides; when weight is removed the lithosphere uplifts.
microcontinent, p 431
A fragment of the lithosphere, smaller than a plate, that forms a portion of an accreted terrane margin.
orogenesis, p 417
The process of mountain building.
passive margin, p 422
this is NOT a plate margin, but rather the margin of a continent. Because these types of continental margins are not associated with PLATE margins, they're inactive volcanically and seismically.
This is where the continental shelf, continental slope, and continental rise are best seen.
suture, p 426
The line of juncture where continental rocks on two converging plates meet. Example: The region in the Himalayas where the Eurasian and Indian-Australian plates meet.
terrane, p 431
A fragment of the lithosphere, smaller than a plate, that forms a portion of an accreted terrane margin.
volcanic island arc, p 419
a chain of volcanic islands generally located a few hundred kilometers from a trench were there is active subduction of the oceanic plate.