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Why did the world view change after the renaissance?
A. 1453- Ottoman Turks take Constantinople
B. 1492- Columbus Sails
C. Da Gama Reaches India
D. Magellan’s expedition
Renaissance causes these changes because of its changes
A. Art
B. Culture
C. Religion
D. Politics
E. Economics (become wealthy)
F. People’s curiosity
What is the Silk Road?
A. Series of routes connecting East to West
B. Way goods and ideas go back and forth between East and West
What did the Silk Road cause?
Connection between East & West slows down
what did the Europeans want from the East?
a. Silk- so soft for clothes
b. Spices- food tastes better & to preserve food
Connection between East and West
The Plage (Black Death) & Middle Man
How did the plague affect trade?
No desire to go to a city full of sick people
Who was the Middle Man?
traders who only sold to Italians
What did the Middle Man do?
a. Raises your price
b. To avoid- buy directly
c. Direct route E to W saves money- possibly around Africa
Causes of European Exploration
A. Desire for Asian luxury goods- spices, gold, silks
B. Motivation to spread Christianity
C. Need to gain better access to trade- direct route
D. Desire to gain glory for country
E. Renaissance caused curiosity to explore new lands
F. Competition with other countries
Simply what are the Causes of European Exploration?
Gold, Glory, and God
First location
Leader of Portugal
Prince Henry of Portugal/Prince Henry the Navigator
What does Prince Henry do?
Opens a school for sailors/navigators
School for Sailors/Navigators
a. become cartographers
b. cartographers make maps- important because you know where you are and someone else can make the same route
c. made new ships and instruments
What expedition does Prince Henry take?
Do not know much about Africa except they are not Christian so convert them on way through- Set up ports for rest stops along Africa
Who were the Dias?
First to prove you can get around tip of Africa (Cape of Good Hope) and reach
Where were the Dias located?
below South America
Who were the De Gama?
People who got around Africa and reached India
De Gama's conflict
Didn’t have much luck because people of India didn’t want to trade with them
Why didnt India want to trade with De Gama?
The Muslims (middle man) didn’t want them to trade with anyone else but them because they monopolize the trade
What did Portuguese success cause?
1. competition between portuguese and Europeans
2. Christopher Columbus' expedition
3. Spain and Portugal decide to divide the New World
What did the Portuguese and Europeans compete for?
a. Power/Glory
b. Money
c. New Land
Where was Christopher Columbus from?
Genoa, Italy
What was Christopher Columbus' big idea?
to go to the King and Queen of Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella) believing he can get to the East by sailing West
Ferdinand and Isabella
1) Ferdinand & Isabella- recently married and united Spain joining Castille and Aragon making Spain very powerful
2) Feel they must be more powerful than Portugal
Three ships Columbus sails in?
Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina
When did Columbus start sailing?
August of 1492
Columbus' miscalculations
1) Did not know there were huge land masses
2) Thinks he is in Egypt
3) Names islands he lands in the West Indies
4) Thought the Earth was small- wrong about size of Earth
How does Columbus' expedition end?
He never reaches Asia and dies not knowing where he is
When Spain and Portugal divide the New World
a. Can’t decide who should draw the line- pope decides it should be the 38th degree of longitude (line of demarcation)
b. Other countries don’t like it so Treaty of Todesillas divides new world between Spain and Portugal to 46 degrees 37 minutes West
c. English, French, and Dutch ignore the division
Amerigo Vespucci
a) drew one of first maps of the Americas & put his name on them
b) Italian map maker
What were all countries convinced was the way to get around?
a water passage they could sail through
a water passage they could sail through
Northwest Passage
What was was the conclusion of the Northwest Passage?
1. Not there- no way to sail through
2. still believe you can get through- must go around the continents
Going around the continents
a. can’t sail North- too much ice and cold
b. Sail around South America to Straits of Magellan and do not sail completely around
Who was Ferdinand Magellan
1) First man to circumnavigate- but does not make it and dies near Philippine but his expedition does
2) Ships didn’t make it back for 3 years
Two parts of Africa
a. Saharan Africa
b. Sub-Saharan Africa
Africans outside contact
c. Europeans don’t know what’s there- but there are many African kingdoms with great intellect & wealth/ Muslims have been making contact and trading with them for some time
What were the three tribes of Africa?
Ghana, Swahili, and Great Zimbabwe
Ghana tribe
becomes Mali (became Muslim)-Traded with Muslims gold for salt
African geography
Not Easy to access interior- no strong river system
Where were the most active Europeans?
Portugal/Africa relationship
Portugal- set up trading ports and traded with Africans but did not enter country- most valuable thing to trade was slaves
Countries involved in Europe and slave trade
Europe, America, and Africa
Triangle Trade
process by which slaves come to America, America sends raw materials (molasses) to Europe & Europeans make things from raw materials (rum) & trade for slaves- very profitable
African response to triangle trade
Several groups do not like slave trade but it has gotten so big they can’t stop it
Conclusion of African response
a) Europeans think they are better than Africans
b) Slave trade stops when market stops
Europe and South Africa
1. Dutch who want to get away from The Netherlands (Holland)
2. Spain followed by Great Britain and then English
3. Southeast Asia- India
a. Farmers
b. Called themselves Afrikaners
c. Come into conflict with Great Britain who called them Boers
d. Go away for freedom
Why Great Britain wants to get away
1) profit
2) war
encounter in East Asia
By time Europeans get to China Ming Dynasty rules china, the great wall is complete, and Europeans want to trade
Great Wall of China
protects from northern people
What do Europeans want out of the trading with China?
a. silk
b. spices
c. porcelain- china
Problem with the encounter of East Asia
Chinese don’t want anything from the Europeans except gold & silver & don’t like their religion and disrespect for their customs so only allow them at one time in one place during year
Ming Dynasty is invaded
a. People from Manchuria- north invade- Manchus
b. Very smart people- want to be excepted by Chinese
c. Economic policy of Chinese
economic policy of the chinese
do not trade much with Europe because they have little to offer- limit the trade even more & became isolated from European world
“The Hermit Kingdom" (no one knows anything about them)- trapped between Japan and China & invaded by both
attitude of the koreans after the invasion
cut off all contacts
became feudal and Europeans want to trade with Japan to get profit
Japan becomes feudal
a. European Feudalism
b. no strong leadership- must protect them by giving land to people who can protect them- Land for Loyalty
Emperor of Japan
loses power so gives land to people who will protect him- the Shoguns
The Shoguns
Military and political power who has real power- Samurai knights fight for Shogun
strict code of honor- the extreme that could happen if you fail/disgrace yourself you kill yourself
When Europeans come to trade with Japan
a. come in with Jesuits to convert Japanese
b. Japanese thought they were dirty & had no respect for themselves; Japanese don’t want anything from them so kicked them out except for one ship a year & isolate themselves