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l process of applying the Bill of Rights to the states
civil liberties
constitutionally based freedoms guaranteed to individuals
civil rights
rights belonging to a citizen or member of society, regardless of race, sex, or national origin, to receive equal treatment under the law.
Establishment Clause
the part of the 1st Amendment that prohibits the establishment of a national religion.
Free Exercise Clause
the part of the 1st Amendment that states that Congress may not make laws restricting or prohibiting a person's religious practices
pure speech
verbal communication of ideas and opinions
speech plus
speech combining words with some sort of action , such as picketing, marching, or chanting
symbolic speech
nonverbal action that expresses a political message, such as wearing as armband or burning a draft card
actions or language inciting rebellion against a lawful authority, especially advocating the overthrow of a government
spoken statements intended to injure the well-being or reputation of a person.
the betrayal of one's own country by acting to aid its enemies