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antisocial personality
psychopath or sociopath person is superficially charming and habitual liar with no regard for others, shows no remorse after hruting others, has no shame for behaving in an outrageously objectionable manner, is unable to form relationships and take responsibility and does no learn from punishment
avoidant personality
indivs with this disorder have poor self esteem and thus are extremely sensitive to potential rejection and remain aloff even though they very much desire affiliation and affection
borderline personality
people with a borderline personality are impulsive and unpredictable with an uncertain self image, intense, and unstable social relationships and extreme swings of mood
dependent personality
lacking in self confidence, such people, passively allow others to run their lives and make no demands on them so as not to endanger these protective relationships
dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
therapeutic approach to borderline personality disorder that combines client-centered empathy and acceptance with behavioral problem solving, social skills training, and limit setting
histrionic personality disorder
the person is overly dramatic and given to emotional excess, impatient with minor annoyances, immature, dependent on others, and often sexually seductive without taking responsibility for flirtations, formerly called hysterical personality
naricissitic personality disorder
extremely selfish and self centered, people with this disorder have grandiose view of their uniqueness, achievements, and taletns and an insatiable craving for admiration and approval from others, they are exploitative to achieve their own goals and expect much more from others than they themselves are willing to give
obsessive compulsive personality
people with an obsessive compulsive personality have inordinate difficulty making decisions, are overly concerned with details and efficiency and relate poorly to others because they demand things are done their way. they are unduly conventional, serious, formal, and stingy with their emos
paranoid personality
the person with this personality expects to be mistreated by others, becomes suspicious, secretive, jealous, and argumentative. they will not accept blame and appear cold and unemotional
personality disorders
heterogeneous group of disorders, listed seperately on Axis II regarded as longstanding, inflexible, and maladaptive personality traits that impair social and occupational functioning
see antisocial personality
schizoid personality
person with disorder is emo aloof, indiff to praise, criticism, and feelings of others and usually a loner with few or any close friends and with solitary insecurities
schizotypal personality
person with disorder is ecccentric, has oddities of thought and perception (magical thinking, illusions), depersonalization, derealization, speaks digressively and with over elaborations and is usually socially isolated under stress person may appear psychotic