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Brigham Young
A mormon leader who moved his people to Utah and part of Mexico.
James Marshall
He wored at Sutter's Mill, and he found the gold.
John Sutter
He owned Sutter's Mill in Sacramento Valley.
Sam Houston
He led the Americans at the Alamo, and he was defeated.
Joseph Smith
He founded the Church of Latter Day Saints, and he was later killed.
Stephen Austin
He set up a colony in Texas, with only 297 families to begin with.
Father's Dream
Santa Anna
He was the Mexican prsident. He was angry when he heard the Amerians wouldn't carry out their laws, and he led a revolt against the Americans.
3 things
William Travis
Leader of 183 volunteers, had James Bowie/Davy Crockett on his army.
2 men
James Bowie
Used the Bowie knife, frontiersmen.
Davy Crockett
frontiersmen, used his gun as a club.
Juan Seguin
Led a band of 25 tejanos, he was for the Americans.
San Jacinto
We won here, Texas became indpenent, Houston's amry doubled
Willamette Valley
This is where the missionaries lived in Oregon, there was news about how fertile the soil was here.
Lone Star State
Someone who went to search for gold in California-1849.
Andrew Jackson
He was a successful lawyer, and the seventh president. He supported the idea of moving the Indians out west. He thought that Native Americans could either move out west, or become live the the Americans did. He encouraged the Indian Removal Act.
He invented the Cherokee alphabet, with 86 letters. He thought that if they had this they could "share the power of the whites, and keep their independence."
Opposite Jackson
Indian Removal Act-When did they pass it?
Congress passed this act in 1830. The government would make the Indians sign a treaty to relocate west.
Trail of Tears
This is the journey that the Cherokees had to travel when they had to move out west to Indian Territory.
Mountain Men
They were men who were brave, and they explored out west. Also they had good connections with the Indians.
Land Speculator
They bought huge areas of land, and they hoped that it will increase in value so that they could sell if for a profit.
Santa Fe Trail-Who opened it up, from where to where?
William Becknell opened up this trail. It led from Missouri to Santa Fe, and it was an 800-mile journey.
Oregon Trail-from where to where?
This ran from Independence, Missouri to the Oregon Territory. The first whites to cross to Oregon were missionaries. It was a beautiful land, with tall grass. It was a 2,000-mile journey.
They settled in Utah, and they were member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Joseph Smith founded this church. They were hard workers, they lived in close contact with each other, and they shared.
Brigham Young
He moved the Mormons out of the United States after Smith was killed. He moved then to Utah and Mexico.
2nd leader
They are people of Spanish heritage who consider Texas their home.
Battle of the Alamo
This was a fight over Texas becoming a free state or not. In the end the Tejanos won the war. It was a very intense war.
Manifest Destiny
This was the belief that the U.S. was going to expand.
Treay of Guadalupe Hidalgo-Know 6 provisions
This was a treaty that made Mexico recognize Texas as part of the U.S, and that the Rio Grande was the border between the nations. Mexico gave up the region, known as the Mexican Cession. We payed them 15 million dollars, and we also payed them 3.25 million dollars for the claims we had against Mexico. We then promised to protect the 80,000 Mexicans living in Texas.
Gadsen Purchase
This was purchased from the Mexico for 10 million dollars.
This was a settler of Spanish or Mexican descent.
California Gold Rush
This is when people form all over the world came to California in search of the gold that was there. They could take three routes there, around South America, through the Isthmus of Panama, or through the American trails.