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Personal Selling
The direct interaction between the customer and the seller for the purpose of making a sale.
Specialty goods
Products aimed at a narrowly defined target market.
Personal shoppers
Sales associates who assemble items for specific customers prior to or in place of a visit to the retail store.
Image consultants
Individuals inolved in direct selling
Manufacturer's sales representative (rep)
Personal selling at the wholesale level
Buying and selling process
The method used by a salesperson to encourage a customer to reach a buying decision about a product or service.
AIDA Model
Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action create satisfaction to ensure continued loyalty in the firm.
Sales approach
The opening recognition andd greeting of a customer.
Greeting approach
A pleasant salutation expressing good wishes to the individual.
Merchandise approach
Directly makes reference to the merchandise at hand.
Soft sell approach
Presenting suitable merchandise to attract interest within the client.
Hard sell approach
Pushes customers to buy a product they may not want.
Buying signal
A customer will often signal he or she is ready to close the sale by a statement or action.
Suggestion selling
Offering related merchandise, such as accessories, larger quanitities of the same merchandise, in other colors or styles, promotional merchandise, or advertised merchandise.
Customer directories
Names, telephone numbers, and important details about the customer's purchases and preferences.
The ability to sell goods in a fair, sincere, and distinctive manner.
May be given in the form of extra money, additional discounts, or merchandise whenever sales of specific items are made.
Sales contests
Sales associates compete against one another, against other stores within the chain, or against established goals to increase sales.
Salary enhancements
Special bonuses, merit pay, or slaary incentives used to motivate employees.
A sum of money or the equivalent given to an employee in addition to the employee's compensation
Merit pay
Extra pay awarded to an employee for outstanding past performance.
Profit sharing
A plan that offers employees a chance to purchase stock in the company and an opportunity to receive shares of any profits earned by the company.
Salary plus commission
An incentive used by some retailers or departments in which employees are given a base salary plus an additional percent based on sales generated.
Computer based training programs (CBTs)
Interactive CD-Rom technology used in efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness in sales associates.