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What are odors?
olfactory sensations
What are odorants?
odor-inducing substance
What are characterics of odorants?
What are the pimary jobs of the nose?
filter air
allows us to smell
What is the olfactory epithelium?
where olfactory nerves are located
What is anosmia?
loss of smell
How many odorant molecules are needed per neuron to detect smell??
How many action potentials are needed inorder to perceive smell?
What is the most common cause of anosmia? second? third?
upper respiratory tract infection
sinonasal disease
medications for high B.P. o cholestoral
What does congenital mean?
present at birth
What is flavor?
taste + smell
What is the olfactory pathway?
Through nerve and cribiform plate
To glomerulus
To mitral cell
To brain
Is smell ipsilateral or contralateral?
What are pseudogenes?
genes that do not encode functional proteins
What are steroisomers?
molecules that are mirror images of each other
Are longer carbon chains or shorter carbon chains easier to detect?
longer carbon chains
What is cross-adaptation?
one odorant blocks sensitivity to another
What is cognitive-habituation?
loss of sensitivity to common smells
What is olfactory hedonics?
how much we like a smell
What does the vomernasal system do?
detect phermones
What is the vocal tract?
airway above larnyx used for speech (oral tract + nasal tract_
What are the three basic components of speech?
respiration (lungs)
phonation (vocal chord)
articulation (vocal tract)
What is a formant?
a resonance of the vocal tract
What is a spectrogram?
a pattern for sound analysis
time on the horizontal axis
frequency on the vertical axis
intensity on a color/gray scale
What are three articulatory dimensions?
Place of articulation
Manner of Articulation