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What is the process of making an exact copy of a DNA strand?
DNA Replication
What is a DNA Helicase?
Enzyme which breaks H bonds splitting molecules.
What is a ribonucleic acid?
Another nucleic acid, it makes proteins based on the code in the DNA.
What are the 3 types of RNA?
Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA, and Ribosome RNA.
What is transcription?
The process of producing RNA from DNA. Occurs in the Nucleus.
What is a gene?
The portion of DNA which is transcibed.
What do genes do?
Genes contain the instructions for making a specific protein.
What is a protein?
A complex molecule made up of polypeptide, which are long chains of amino acids.
What is the genetic code?
Contains all info for proper functioning of cells. Keeps you alive.
Where does translation occur?
Occurs in the cytoplasm, the assembly of proteins occur in organelles called ribosomes.