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unpleasant feeling state associated with such reactions as dread, fear, general uneasiness, or panic
simultaneous occurrence of two or more problems or risk behaviors or symptoms (violence and substance abuse often occur together)
emotional problem characterized by listlessness lethargy, a blunting of affect, and disengagement from social activity
Externalizing Problems
problems directed to other people or, more generally, to the social context, for example, aggression, arson, disruptive or conflictual behavior in the school or in the home
Internalizing Problems
problems directed inward to the individual and that affect his or her mental, cognitive, or emotional functioning, such as depression or anxiety
Juvenile Delinquency
violation of a law committed by a person prior to his or her 18th b-day, a violation that would have been a crime if committed by an adult
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
set of emotional and behavioral problems that occurs after experiencing a sever stress (assault)
serious problems of mental health that require professional treatment, for example, sustained and pervasive feelings of depression, anxiety, or the occurrence of a psychotic disorder
severe mental disorder, characterized by problematic behaviors and thoughts that reflect a disengagement from reality
"Rotten Outcomes"
problems of youth development associated with poverty
"Socially Toxic" Environment
environment in which one is exposed to multiple high-risk factors
Youth Gangs
groups of youth potentially involved in criminal activity