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What is another name for services?
tertiary jobs
What is a settlement?
perminent collection of buildings
Who has the most services?
MDCs- they can afford them
how many people work in services in North America?
What are the three services?
Public, Business, and Consumer Services
What event led to the origin of early retail and producer services?
the origin of transportation
Which area of North America did colonist favor clustered settlemenes?
New England
The minimum number of people needed to dupport a service is the?
The most significant anticipated benefit of the enclosure movement was to?
promote agricultural efficiency
According to the gravity model, the potential use of a service at a location is related to what?
directly ro population and inversely to distance
Producer services produce what kind of services?
Services to businesses
The maximum distance people ar ewilling to travel for a service is the?
What shape is used to show market area?
What is an example of a personal service?
What has the # of employees done in services in the past 30 years?
What have services done in the past 30 years?
Why have producer services taken off?
more businesses need supplys
What began personal services?
begining of burial practices
How did public services begin?
protection, built walls (called citadels) to protect city from invadors
What is a clustered rural settlement?
surronding the houses are fields, families live close to each other
What is a Dispersed rural settlement?
individual farms with own farm land.
What is a circular rural settlement?
has central open space surronded by structures
What is a linear settlement?
buildings clustered along a road, river, or dike fields extend behind the buildings in long narrow strips
Where did the first European colonist settle?
New England, Middle Atlantic, and southeast
What is the pattern of Consumer services based on?
size of the settlement
What is a central market place?
a market center for the exchange of goods and services by people attracted form the surronding area
Why are services centrally located?
maximize accesibility
What is the central market theory?
the geographic concept that explains how services are distributed
When was the central market theory proposed and what happened after that?
proposed in the 9130s by german geographer Walter Chistaller, then developed more in the 1950s by others
What is a market area or hinterland?
area surronding a service from which consumers are attracted