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Who used derivative for treatment of syphilis?
Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich did what?
Introducted the concept of chemotherapy and used arsenic derivative for treatment of syphilis.
Who discovered antibiotic Penicillin was produced by Penicillium notatum?
Alexander Fleming
Howard Florey and Ernst Chain did what?
Clinical trial and commerical production of Penicillin.
More than half of the antibiotics are produced by species of...?
Streptomyces a filamentous bacteria which inhabit soil.
Few antibiotics are produced by?
What are narrow range antibiotics?
These antibiotics kill only limited types of microorganisms. Ie: Penicillin only affects gram positive bacteria.
What are broad spectrum antibiotics?
These antibiotics affect both gram negative and positive bacteria,
What is a disadvantage of broad spectrum antibiotics?
It destroys the microbiota which may imbalance the natural resistance of body against opportunistic pathogens like Candida albicans.
Antimicrobial drugs are either?
bactericidal or bacteriostatic